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This bike really started when I hit the crossroads professionally and personally. I had just parted ways with Exile and needed to make decisions about my next move.

Should I stay in California and work for another builder where I would end up making bikes for someone else's tastes? Or was it finally time to take the jump and start my own shop and do things my way.

After much agonizing, I've decided to leave the traffic and the real estate prices of Southern California and move to Arizona where Insane Custom Cycles was born.

This particular bike was built for a customer of mine named Josh Gould, who came to me wanting more than just another custom off the floor of a delearship. Pretty much everything you see here has been built by Insane Custom Cycles, from the pipes to the handlebars to the sissy bar (you never know who you are going to pick up at the local bar!).

That bike is mean and fast... come to think of it, it's Insane!






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